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Sarà questo il libro del futuro? The KNO

Si fa un gran parlare di ebook, e ci chiediamo se prima o poi questo dispositivo riuscirà a sostituire il libro. Nel frattempo vi voglio mostrare un dispositivo che, se ben sfruttato, potrà seriamente essere affiancato ad un libro. Si tratta di the KNO, non ancora ufficialmente distribuito in italia. Ma cosa ha di bello? Semplice:

  • Two large displays. It’s stunningly book-like and can display a complete textbook without scrolling. Opens flat like a book or folds back on itself as a single panel slate.
  • Touchscreens. Navigate two beautiful touchscreens that deliver amazingly natural interactions with textbooks and notes.
  • Pen stylus. Writing is natural, and our stylus is smooth and effortless.
  • Video. Dazzling resolution that was built for video.
  • Multi-tasking. Change learning states instantly. Glide from a textbook to a video, then dash off a note with total fluidity.
  • Mobile. A truly mobile device, with batteries to last a full day on campus.
  • Compact. Carry eight terms’ textbooks, notes, documents and media in a small device.
  • All in one place. A system completely designed for learning: textbooks, professors’ materials, web-based homework systems, everything.
  • Versatile textbooks. Write directly on the page, highlight, add sticky notes, and even display two different parts of the book at once – you’ll need to see it to believe it.
  • Explore. The Internet and the textbook connect like never before. Look up a word, follow a link from a textbook, watch a video, even e-mail a passage with a question to your professor.
  • Write. Revolutionary digital note-taking using natural handwriting or a keyboard. Even drag highlights or graphics from your textbook or the web directly into your notes.
  • Browse the web. Full-featured browser supporting HTML5 and Adobe Flash™.
  • Rich media. Experience HD video, audio recording and playback, and even more.

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