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La guerra americana del 1812 su Google Maps

The War of 1812 in Animated and Google Maps

Inspired by a recent post on Google Maps Maniaabout Brock University’s The War of 1812 in Maps I decided to revisit a couple of similar resources. Brock University’s maps of The War of 1812 provides historical imagery of battle sites layered on top of Google Earth imagery.

History Animated offers an online tour of the causes of The War of 1812, notable battles and strategies, and the outcomes of each battle. History Animated’s maps show troop movements throughout the war. Students can advance through the tour at their own paces using the fast forward, pause, and rewind buttons.

Learn Alberta has a nine-part resource providing maps of The War of 1812. The maps are arranged chronologically. Each map is accompanied by a short explanation. You can find a simple support document for the maps here. For history teachers in the United States, Learn Alberta’s resources on The War of 1812 could be useful for providing an alternate view of the war.

Nuove Tecnologie, Didattica e Disabilità nel Lazio: Google Apps for Education in Italia

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LIM e CDD: Laboratori didattici

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iOS Apps for Science Teachers : Teaching about Sound

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Here are five apps for iPads and iPhones which can help science teachers teach about sound waves such signal generators, oscilloscopes and decibel meters.

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eQuizShow – Create Gameshow Templates Online

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eQuizShow is a free website that lets Teachers and students can create educational quiz show templates like the TV game show Jeopardy.

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