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Smart Notebook iPad App Updated with More Tools

The Smart Notebook iPad app has had a bit of an update, with some more useful tools and features being added. And it looks a lot better for it!

New features include better integration with Dropbox to keep your SMART Notebook files up- to-date across multiple devices. One tap on the Dropbox icon in the SMART Notebook app for iPad file manager and you can quickly login to your Dropbox account to import and export SMART Notebook files. The update also includes some more pens such as calligraphy pens and crayons as well as the ability to change inks and lines to different styles.

The first version of the app was very cut-down and limited in feel. This updated app feels a lot more like the regular Notebook that you’d get on a desktop. There’s more of the features you’d expect to see and the app feels a lot faster and slicker. Files load faster than they did before.

This version has lost the activity builder that appeared a few updates ago. I’m hoping that’s only a temporary loss.

You still can’t control the iPad from the board, but that’s not really surprising. To show your Notebook files on your SMARTboard you would either need an Apple TV hooked up to a projector, an iPad VGA cable or software like Reflect or AirServer. You can read more on how to get your iPad connected to you interactive whiteboard here.

Smart Notebook iPad App

The full list of updates includes:

• Undo/Redo multiple times
• Better text highlighter
• Lines auto-snap vertically and horizontally
• Faster Eraser
• Multi-select
• Crayon and Calligraphic Ink
• Resize objects using pinch gesture
• Create ink, line with different styles (dash, dot, …) and start/end caps (square, round, triangle, …)
• Rename pages and groups
• Reorganize the pages sorter using drag and drop gestures on page thumbnails and groups.
• Enhancement in text rendering.
• Faster load and save of NB documents.
• Pan gestures (2 fingers) to scroll the page
• Radar in the thumbnail for very large pages
• Support to render more types of fancy pens.

The Notebook app isn’t free, it will set you back £5 or $6.99, but if you are looking for alternative ways to work with Notebook files then it is well worth a look.

You can get more information about the SMART Notebook app from the SMART website, or go direct to the app store.


Read more http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/2014/05/smart-notebook-ipad-app-updated/ – See more at: http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/2014/05/smart-notebook-ipad-app-updated/#sthash.Vv2Lgzmi.dpuf



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