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50 siti ed apps per creare storie digitali

Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero propone una lista di 50 siti web ed apps che possono essere utilizzati per la narrazione digitale

  1. 30hands – A fantastic user-friendly iOS app for creating a story by adding a narrations to photos. Also, 30hands has an excellent video tutorial to help users create a story.
  2. Animation Desk – A innovative iPad app that allows a user to create a custom drawing and then animate it as well as adding sounds.
  3. AnMish – A fun site for creating a puppet, record audio, and then embed into a site to tell a story.
  4. Art Maker – Is a wonderful iPad app for kids to create a digital story by selecting a background, adding characters, and then recording audio.
  5. Bitstrips for Schools – A great site for creating digital comics in the classroom w/ lots of resources and an educational portal.
  6. BoomWriter – A fantastic safe site for students (teachers create accounts – not student email required) to create digital stories/books through a collaborative process.  Once a story is completed, it gets published online and an actual book can then be ordered.
  7. Bunsella Bedtimes Story – A great iOS app that allows a person to record narration to a book to tell a story.
  8. Comic Life – Probably the most popular digital comic iOS app for creating comics.  This is a very fun and easy to use app for telling the story by creating a customized comic.
  9. Comic Master – One of my favorite sites for creating a digital comic by selecting a template, adding characters/props, and then adding text to tell a story.
  10. Digital Films – A nice site for creating a digital animated story and then embedded into a site/blog to share it w/ others.
  11. Five Card Flickr – A fun way to create a story through the use of 5 random Flickr photos.
  12. i Tell a Story – Users of Garageband will feel right at home w/ this great iOS app for creating a digital story.
  13. Inklewriter – A very unique site that allows students to collaborate and interact w/ others to build a story by branching off of other paths.
  14. Little Bird Tales – One of the most popular sites for digital storytelling that allows students to create their own art and record their voice.  Also, there is a excellent iOS app available for mobile learning.
  15. Make Beliefs Comix – A nice site for creating digital comics in a number of different languages as well of lots of educational resources.
  16. Meograph – An innovative site for four dimensional storytelling that has an educational portal.
  17. Moo-O – A fantastic site that has students use their own photo inside of a digital story.
  18. My Story – A wonderful iPad app for creating a digital book/story.  All a user has to do is draw or upload a picture, add some text, and then record audio to tell a story.
  19. my StoryMaker – A very fun site for creating a digital story by adding lots of elements such as: characters, objects, backgrounds, and more.
  20. myCreate – An excellent iPad app for easily creating stop motion animations.
  21. Myths & Legends – A great site for digital storytelling where users create a story by adding characters, scenes, and text.  Also, there is an educational portal which is ideal for education.
  22. Pixntell – A simple to use iOS app for organizing iPhotos into a story then recording audio.
  23. Pixton for Schools – A nice site w/ educational portal for creating digital comics.
  24. Primary Access – An interesting site for creating a digital story w/ historical stock footage.
  25. Qwiki – A simple to use iOS app for creating a story.  Qwiki automatically groups pictures and videos to create a presentation.  A user can then customize this by drag-n-dropping into any order they want or selecting specific music.
  26. Scribble Press – A terrific iPad app for creating a digital book/story through drawing and object tools.  A person can also order a physical copy of their book as well.
  27. SonicPics – A great iOS app for creating digital story by recording narrations to a users photos.
  28. Speech Journal – A nice iPad app for pairing recorded audio w/ a digital picture from one’s iPhoto library to create a story.
  29. Stage’D – A cool site for creating a visual stunning CGI rendered story.
  30. Sock Puppets – A very fun iOS app that allows users to lip sync audio to a sock puppet, one of my kids favorites.
  31. Story Creator – One of my favorite iOS apps for creating a digital story by syncing audio and photos together.  Also, an option allows for highlighting of text during narration to help a student w/ Reading.
  32. Story Patch – A excellent site for not only creating a story but teaches a student the step by step process of story creation.
  33. Storybird – A great site w/ educational portal where students create art inspired stories and then embed into a site/blog.
  34. StoryJumper – A fantastic site for creating a digital story by building a story from scratch or choosing one of the story starters.  A student can add objects, text, and even upload their own art too.
  35. StoryKit – A simple to use iOS app for telling a story by adding text, photos, and audio.
  36. Storyplanet – A very innovative site for creating a digital story or video mashup.  This is done by selecting a theme or template (or create your own), add video, photos, text, effects, etc. and then share w/ others.
  37. StorySmith – A fun iPad app for telling a digital story w/ either a fantasy or pirate based theme.
  38. Storytelling Alice – A wonderful free PC app that allows users to create a digital story and help build programming skills.
  39. Strip Designer – A iOS app similar to Comic Life for creating a digital comic.
  40. Toontastic – One of the most popular and fun iPad apps for digital storytelling by adding characters/objects to a background and recording your audio while moving the pieces around.
  41. Tell a Tale – A interesting iPad app that has a user verbally tell a story based on the first and last sentence of a story and three images.
  42. Tellagami – A nice way to tell a short story by creating an avatar and then recording audio, similar to Voki.
  43. Tumblecloud – A unique site that allows users to collaborate on a digital story through a drag-n-drop interface.
  44. UtellStory – A nice place to tell a story through audio, images, and video, as well as collaborating w/ others.
  45. VoiceThread – One of the most popular educational sites/apps for creating a interactive digital storytelling by uploading multimedia content and recording an audio narration.  A finished VoiceThread can then be embedded into a site/blog.
  46. Web of Stories – A community where users tell their story through the use of video.
  47. WriteComics – A simple to use site for creating a digital comic to tell a story.
  48. Xtranormal – A very popular site for creating stunning looking animated videos w/ educational portal.
  49. Zeen – Create a story by adding text, images, music, videos and more, then embed into a site to share.
  50. ZooBurst – An innovative site and iPad app for creating 3D digital popup books.

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